Lovefitlife Packages

The Lovefitlife experience

  • Fill your life with foods, workouts, and routines that you LOVE
  • Have complete support & accountability 24/7
  • Create habits that you keep for life
  • Look and feel incredible (Happy, healthy and hot)
  • Thrive on bite-sized, consistent progress (What is your next challenge?)
  • Get healthy and love the journey ~ Lovefitlife

Choose your package

Starter pack - $350

  • 10 one on one personal training sessions
  • One specialized "Coffee & Goals" session
  • $100 off your next program (excludes the starter pack)

The Lovefitlife Special

  • Choose: 3 Month - $650  6 Month - $1,000   12 Month - $1,500
  • Each package includes: 3 specialized sessions, 2 personal training sessions per month, and 1 coffee and goals session per month
  • You will also receive: a personalized weight loss & wellness master plan, lovefitlife's printable weight loss planner and workouts, stretches & challenges based on your goals
  • Plus, you get a special price for additional sessions, only $30 per session

Specialized sessions

  1. Coffee & Goals - Let's have a nice cup of coffee and talk about your wellness goals! During this session we will go over your goals, progress, concerns and more...
  2. Grocery session - It is time to go shopping for healthy foods that you love! During this session I will accompany you to the grocery store and help you with food labels and healthy food choices.
  3. Meal prep session - Need help planning and prepping your meals? Let's do it together! I am here for you every step of the way!
  4. Guided meditation - Lay back and relax as I take you through a guided meditation designed to relieve stress, adjust your mindset and restore your energy.
  5. Self love stretch - During this session we will go through a full body stretch. It is important to take care of your body, the harder you work, the more effort you should put into recovery and relaxation!